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Sanguivores, brandy, and brains

the voices in my head

9/3/08 05:32 pm - on the subject of dazzling

"He is supposed to dazzle, active verb. With his sparkliness, or possibly his sheer fabulosity. Do you dazzle people, Ruthven?"

"...do I look as if this is a line of conversation I am interested in pursuing? The last good use of that word was as pertains to a certain form of naval camouflage. What did I tell you about mentioning teenage vampire drama to me?"

"To not to. Yeah, but, I mean, are you sparkly?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I have a personal hoard of small jars containing Body Glitter Gel from 1995 which I apply diligently to my person every morning, that I may cast a glad radiance about myself wherever I may go. --No. I do not sparkle. Nor do I darkle, tinct, or emit an eldritch glow, other than the eye thing, and that's only when I choose to use it. Change the subject before I throw chalk at you, please."

"You are no fun. Also I am told he has a kid with a living human. Can--OW!"

"Five pages on the first chapter of the introduction-to-biology, please. By tomorrow."

6/4/08 06:57 pm - Look, it's Dear Mun only without Snowy Erin.

Cast list, first strip, and second strip of what I suppose I'll be calling Headspace.

Commence the mockery!

4/17/08 09:32 am - PRONOUNS

don't know why there seems to be such fear about pronouns. are not secretly subversive tools of Nazism. do not make sterile. will not give cooties.

They are, in fact, vital and necessary parts of the English language, and include the personal pronoun, the demonstrative pronoun, the interrogative pronoun, the indefinite pronoun, the relative pronoun, the reflexive pronoun, the intensive pronoun, and the shy-and-retiring pronoun that really would prefer being quiet and having some time to itself to work with fabrics and create new concepts in interior design.

Take the following, cadged from a far too tentative BRPS post. I have taken the trouble to go through and attempt to make sense of it.Collapse )

11/26/07 07:58 pm

It's canon. As in Pachelbel's. As in the position in the hierarchy of several churches.

It isn't cannon, as in the large projectile weapon.

Please learn this, internet.

10/13/07 07:10 pm - Today's WTF, Anime? Question

Setting aside for the moment all the myriad other things I loathe about this form of entertainment in general, let me ask the internets one question:

Where do you get your names from?

I mean, okay, I get something like "Dragonball Z," which is about something to do with dragon testes if I am not horrifically misinformed, but how do you possibly justify naming an animated series or comic book after a common household disinfectant? Are these characters constantly bickering about who stole whose 40-vol developer and where the damn Virgin Snow toner is? Are they all janitors sluicing down the veranda with eau de javelle? Is the title some clever in-joke about how the characters remove the stain of evil from the skin of the world? What, to be precise, the fuck is this about?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

8/27/07 08:46 am - Nota bene.

If you are going to use an adjective as part of your character's name?

Do try to spell it right.

This message has been brought to you by the Committee of People who are Tired of Other People.

8/13/07 09:43 am - Okay, so I'm guilty of this too...

...but posting in Dear Mun an average of twice a week with a character frothing about things it/he/she does not want made public, and in the process making those things public...

There really is such a thing as protesting far too much.

This has been Your Thought for the Day.

7/11/07 09:05 am - Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about the new Dr. Who?

Cause I think I must be.

I loved the old series, particularly Fifth Doctor (and the 6th Doctor season, although Colin Baker can go die in a multicoloured fire). I thought it was great when Valentine Dyall had a stuffed pigeon on his head and did the evil laugh with an audible "Nya!" at the beginning. I loved Christopher Ryan in a rubber alien suit yelling at Patrick Ryecart. I wibbled over the Governor of Varos. Hell, I even thought Kroll was pretty good. And you can't get funnier than Daleks.

All this newfangled Whovery is just...unsatisfactory, possibly because I haven't seen the new series, being a cable-free zone. But I do damn well know that Dr. Who special effects are supposed to suck, and that deep meaningful relationships between characters do not exist, and that the whole thing is supposed to call to mind those movies you made with your dad's camcorder in seventh grade where you got the fat kid from up the street to wear green face paint and chase you off the diving board. What is with this Captain Jack Harkness? Why is the Doctor young and vaguely pretty in an emo kind of way?

Pah, I say. Also "Tchah" and maybe even "Humbug."

5/31/07 09:03 am

Just to be paranoid and extra-extra safe, and partly to be passive-aggressive, I have posted the following on all my character journal bios:

Cut for hugeCollapse )

I recommend using disclaimers to indicate absolutely unequivocally that your journal ain't fer reals, and that while you may love playing Sephiroth or Lestat or Galactus or whoever, you personally do not approve of chowin' down on planets, and would the morality police look elsewhere for someone to bother.

12/3/06 07:58 pm

God but that feels good.

In retrospect I ought to have done it ages ago, but I kept hanging on because there were still a few people I really did like playing with, and then I kept hanging on because I was lazy, and finally having left I feel aeons better.

I won't have time for much RP during the weeks, in any case, and it's so much nicer not to log on and feel that sort of nnngh-guilt-dislike complex I felt before.

I do appreciate the shout-out, by the way. Nice of you. And I am sorry I couldn't stick it out to have my characters available for the (increasingly few) people with whom I wanted to interact, but at some point we all have to be selfish, I think.
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